Are my sight pins or form messed up?

October 11th, 2009 / Posted by David
Are my sight pins or form messed up?

When I line up my nocked arrow with the string it appears that the sight pins are well left. I’m right-handed. It seems that they should all line up if the bow is properly sighted in. What causes this and is my form flawed?

There are two reasons your sight pins have to be lined up well left of the arrow. First, when you draw the bow you apply enormous torque to the riser through force applied to the cable guard rod by the harnesses. At full draw the riser actually twists slightly. This effect brings the sight pins to the right – more in line with the arrow.

The second reason your pins are located to the left of your arrow is even more significant. If you place your hand on the bow in such a way that you cause the bow to turn to the right when you draw it, the pins will be moved in that direction – again to a place that puts them in line with the shaft. Ideally, your hand and wrist will produce absolutely no torque because this assures the most consistent arrow flight and accuracy.

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