Best Archery Arrow Rests for 2009

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Best Archery Arrow Rests for 2009

Arrow Rests Have A Greater Affect On Your Bow’s Accuracy And Reliability Than Any Other Accessory!

If your arrow rest fails, you’ve got a big problem on your hands – at least a solid day – maybe two – spent retuning and resighting. Try that while sitting on a Colorado mountain. I spent a day and a half during the peak of the whitetail rut getting my bow back in tune and resighted after the rest’s support arm broke and left me in the lurch. Now I always have a back-up bow fully rigged and sighted-in – just in case. Obviously, durability and reliability are critical qualities of a rest, but it also has to produce good arrow flight.
If one of your arrow’s fletchings contacts the rest when the shaft is speeding forward, the bow will never be perfectly tuned. This contact deflects the tail of the arrow (usually upward and to the left, for right- handed archers) which results in slashing arrow flight.

When there’s contact, consistent accuracy with hunting arrows is tough to achieve, made even more complicated by differences in your arrow’s nock rotation (which affects the position of the fletchings relative to the rest). You may have a dozen arrows that all look pretty much the same, but because of slight differences in their nocks, and the inconsistent nature of fletching contact, they don’t group worth a darn when shooting broadheads.

A good rest has to produce enough clearance that every single arrow can be adjusted and tuned quickly and easily, without the need for meticulously fine-tune the nock position of each one. Tunability is the second major requirement of a good hunting rest. The following is a list of the top four arrow rests for 2009 that we believe will work well for most archers.


The Trophy ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot for 2009 features: Windage adjustment, Composite-encased biscuit – 150% stronger than previous models and Reference marks

The Trophy ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot for 2009 features: Windage adjustment, Composite-encased biscuit – 150% stronger than previous models and Reference marks

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot Arrow Rest

The Whisker Biscuit arrow rests have been some of the best selling rests for years. These rests completly cradle your arrow so your arrow will never fall off. And, although it is a complete containment rest, it only slows the arrow down by one foot per second. The new aluminum-encased Whisker Biscuits are 300% stronger than previous models.

The Whisker Biscuit’s new design makes setup easier than ever before. Attach the Whisker Biscuit® to your riser mounting holes and it automatically lines up the arrow rest. And every model (except the SureShot Pro) is universal left and right handed.

MORE COMPACT: this year’s model is lighter and more compact.

To Purchase or to learn more about the Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit, see

  • Small Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit – 0.28″ inner for Trophy Ridge, ACC, Outsert Carbon, Axis and 17XX or small aluminium arrows.
  • Medium Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit – 0.32″ inncr for Internal componenet Crabon, 20XX or small aluminium arrows
  • Large Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit – 0.36″inner for 23XX or small aluminium arrows.
  • The QuickShot Whisker Biscuit Rest sells for $49.99, but don’t forget Professional Bowhunters get special discounts at

    NAP QuikTune Freedom Rest
    This is plain and simple an AWESOME REST!!! It is A drop away rest that requires no strings or complicated set up. And what’s more, it features a full capture to keep your arrow in its place no matter what the angle of your bow. Truly a rest that should be named FREEDOM…It’s uncomplicated, easy to set-up, rugged and dependable. This is the first full-containment cordless drop-away arrowrest that “can be let down without letting you down.”
    The NAP QuikTune Freedom Rest sells for $49.99, but don’t forget Professional Bowhunters get special discounts at

    Trophy Taker X-Treme SL Fall Away Rest
    Economical version of the X-treme FC with a simple proven design, combines response and accuracy with full containment security, Buss Stop Cam action, cable clamp included, available in black only.
    Trophy Taker X-Treme SL Fall Away Rest sells for $49.99, but don’t forget Professional Bowhunters get special discounts at It is available in both Right and left hand models.

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