Dave Eder’s Hunting Blog – Part Three

November 13th, 2009 / Posted by David
Dave Eder’s Hunting Blog – Part Three

The past few weeks have been extremely frustrating for me. As you may have seen from my earlier posts I’ve had a lot great deer-cam photos and ev en shot a nice 9-pointer in mid October. I though all those pictures and the early buck score were making way for my best season ever. Turns out, everything has been slow for me since shooting that 9-pointer.

As i’ve mentioned in the past, I hunt primarily two spots. One spot in New Jersey and another in Long Island, New York.

My hunting buddy, Harry shot a really nice eight pointer in Long Island on Holloween see below:

This land is only 4 acres and is surrounded by the suburbs. The deer Harry shot was the resident “nice buck”. I had seen it along with a little 4 pointer before. After harry shot it, we gave the property a break for a while and eagerly awaited the Rut so we would get more big bucks travelling through our little hunting spot. I don’t know if it was just us, but we haven’t really seen good signs of the rut on this property. I’ve hunted hard since the 5th and seen very few deer there and no deer chasing. From talking to other Long Island bowhunters, the rut is actually starting to end now and my last good hope will be next week.

Its been a similar story for us in New Jersey. Where we were seeing tons of deer before November and had great expectations for the rut. While my hunting partner there did finally see the Piebald in the woods while hunting..see below:
piebald buck
Though he didn’t get a shot at it. He also had a big pig come to his stand but also didn’t get a shot (that was a little over a weak ago and since we never had a photo on the game camera of that one, we were thinking the rut was starting to kick in). Making a long story short, after seeing that buck (over a week ago) neither of us have seen any good bucks and not many does. It has been very strange. The only thing I can contribute this to is the fact that I’ve seen a number of coyotes on this land recently and had never seen them before. If the coyotes are holding up on our hunting spot it clearly cant be good for hunting.

Today is Friday November 13th, and the weather in the northeast is terrible. 25mph wind and rain. I’m taking tomorrow off but will be hunting hard on sunday and monday and will hopefully have good news to post early next week.

Good Hunting

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