Deer Eats a Bird on Video

July 15th, 2010 / Posted by David
Deer Eats a Bird on Video

Did you know that whitetail deer will occasional eat birds?
I was both shocked and intrigued by the video below.

I figured this was a once of, or at most very rare occasion, but after searching a bit on the Internet we found a bunch of cases of bird-eating deer.

Deer have also been known to eat mice and there have been more than a few sightings of deer eating off carcasses.

It’s not breaking news, but we found the following video pretty interesting and hope you do too.

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    Ha ha Indawoods....and for good reason. The button slayer will be back in the woods again very shortly (less than two weeks(...)

    30/08/14 02:08 by Newarcher
  • •Re: Will we have a deer contest this year?

    Good deal, stoke up the fire pit and get ready for some stories along with pictures. Rememeber- many W states hunting(...)

    29/08/14 01:08 by GregE
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    There's something that just doesn't want me to hunt! Those would be all the nub bucks!!!!!! Get well soon.

    28/08/14 12:08 by InDaWoods
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    Well, I haven't seen the good doc yet. There's a different condition that it could be that would not require surgery. I(...)

    27/08/14 09:08 by Newarcher
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    Sorry New, that sucks. Take it easy.

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    to ease the pain

    27/08/14 08:08 by Jerod B.
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    Man if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all. Sorry to hear about your latest problem. Get it fixed and(...)

    27/08/14 01:08 by Keef
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    very nice posts

    27/08/14 11:08 by nehaali
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    Sunrise at 7:09, it was after 8 before they moved. I had the usual deer blowing at me at about 60 yards. Stinkin' steam from(...)

    27/08/14 11:08 by nehaali
  • •Re: Will we have a deer contest this year?

    Looking forward to seeing it get started. Should be fun.

    26/08/14 08:08 by Swampstomper
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