Does treestand height make a difference?

March 12th, 2010 / Posted by
Does treestand height make a difference?

I like to hang my treestands about 18 feet off the ground, but my friend only puts his about 10 to 12 feet off the ground. He uses one of those portable ladders, and takes as many deer as I do. What gives? Does treestand height make a difference? Also, do you recommend cutting shooting lanes?

Generally, it is best to be at least 15 feet up in order to get above the sight line of deer. It is likely that your friend has become a master at placing his stands in locations with natural cover to hide in. No doubt he’s learned to remain motionless while on stand and only moves to draw his bow when deer are looking the other way or are screened by cover. With a lot of discipline this will work. If you hunt down low make sure to wear good camouflage, including a face mask.

One disadvantage to hunting below 15 to 18 feet is that deer only a short distance downwind will scent you, whereas if you were sitting higher in the tree your scent would blow over them. On the subject of shooting lanes; if you cut them well in advance of the season you will be alright. Keep them small and unobtrusive. The scent you leave when cutting the lanes is actually more detrimental to your chances than the actual cut branches. Otherwise, try to avoid cutting things down, aside from trimming a few small branches around your stand.

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