New Crossbow Broadheads and Fletching from NAP

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New Crossbow Broadheads and Fletching from NAP

Postby Caelie on Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:14 am

Anybody that's been in the archery world for any length of time knows the NAP name. New archery products is known best for making great broadheads and in recent years they have branched out, expanding their product line, to now offer, vanes, arrow rests, and stabilizers. Last year they release a crossbow specific broadhead in the F.O.C which is a 170 grain mechanical broadhead. For 2013, they continue to bring even more new products to the table just for the crossbow hunter. They will be offering both 100 and 125 grain crossbow versions of their ever popular fixed bladed broadhead, the Thunderhead. They will also be offering 100 and 125 grain versions of their expandable blade Killzone broadhead for 2013. No word yet on what the main difference will be between these new crossbow braodheads that will set them apart from the standard broadhead. As with most manufacturers that offer mechanical type broadheads for crossbows, these types of heads normally have a stiffer spring or heavier rubber band to accommodate the crossbows higher energy transfer rate to the arrow as to that opposed from vertical bows.

Also coming from NAP for 2013 is a crossbow version of their popular Quickfletch shrink tube style fletching system. These crossbow versions are said to be fitted with Quickspin vanes with your choice of either one white and two orange vanes, or one white and two green vanes.
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