United have been knocked down by Derby at Old Trafford after

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United have been knocked down by Derby at Old Trafford after

Postby linhhuong0507 on Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:15 am

United have been knocked down by Derby at Old Trafford after a penalty kick. And here are three reasons why Mourinho's army fell bitterly.
When playing for Belgium, Lukaku achieved a very high form. But in the Manchester United shirt, he often performed disappointment. From the start of the season, Lukaku has wasted more chances than he has used successfully. And that waste is causing the Reds to pay off with dubious results.
Last night, Lukaku also had many good chances to finish the match. He had a chance to face down with Carson but the shot was then extremely inaccurate. Soon after, Martial made a perfect playoff into the danger zone beyond Carson's reach. The idea of ​​Lukaku will hit the ball but in some way, he still put the ball over the bar xem bao bong da

In the second half, Lukaku also had a situation to hit the ball hit the column in the context of MU are chasing the enemy. In the last game, United have created enough opportunities to finish the opponent. But Lukaku has thrown away the opportunity to bring light wins for the Reds.

Romero's mistake
Three reasons for losing Derby at Carabao Cup 2 kqbd c1 dem qua
Romero's decision to make MU play in the lack of people
The biggest factor United lost was perhaps Romero's lack of precision. The Argentine ducked out of the penalty area but could not stop the ball and hit the ball. Immediately, the referee drew the red card to dismiss the goalkeeper of Manchester from the yard.

Romero's mistakes came in at a 1-1 draw. Derby County has an advantage over people and easily deploys the ball from the downline. And so, Frank Lampard's army can overwhelm and create dangerous opportunities.

If done well, Derby may have won the game in time. But goalkeeper Lee Grant had a great performance. He was just unlucky to be conceded by Jack Marittott's backstroke after saving the striker.
Manchester United have won three consecutive unbeaten matches at Old Trafford. And so far, the Manchester side have not won two games in a row. Might have to finish the game in the first 25 minutes against Derby. And contemptuous subjectivity made them pay.

The defenders of MU suddenly play as sleep apnea. The situation that led to Romero's red card is the most obvious example. Other positions are not better than bags. Matic often to lose the ball in the midfield area. The combination of Martial is quite good but the finishing skill of the player is still bad as usual https://medium.com/@hnglinh_30118

United need to wake up and fight every minute in the coming time if they want an acceptable season instead of only winning and losing as they are now.
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Re: United have been knocked down by Derby at Old Trafford after

Postby Eagle84 on Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:37 am

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Re: United have been knocked down by Derby at Old Trafford after

Postby soikeo24h on Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:18 am

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