surface area of ​​1 square meters

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surface area of ​​1 square meters

Postby Qizhenbi on Sat Oct 21, 2017 6:13 am

equipment reagents according to GB / T17657-1999 4.12.3 requirements. solution preparation according to GB / T17657-1999 4.12.5 provisions. Instrument in addition to metal stents, dryers, crystal dishes, the other according to GB / T17657-1999 4.12.2 requirements.
sample surface area of ​​1 square meters (double-sided meter length = l000mm soil 2mm, width = 500mm soil 2mm, 1; or long = 500mm soil 2mm, width = 500mm soil 2mm, 2), with a tongue of the protruding parts should be removed, four sides with formaldehyde-free aluminum tape seal.
6.4.5 test procedures in the test (0 soil 0.5) ℃; relative humidity: (45 soil 3)%; load rate: (1.0 soil 0.02) ㎡ /; air replacement rate: (1.0 soil 0.05); the temperature of the air, Sample surface air flow rate: (0.1 ~ 0.3) m / s. The sample is placed vertically in the center of the climate.
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