Wood floor cracking

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Wood floor cracking

Postby Qizhenbi on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:11 pm

<P>This type of problem is more common, a lot of wood in the natural environment or drying conditions will be deformed or cracked, cracked wood made of the floor first affect the product quality level, sometimes due to improper drying process control, but also cause internal cracks,ostaa pvc-aidan Singaporessa The formation of implied defects in the daily use of the process will gradually revealed.</P>
<P>Normally, the ambient humidity in contact with the floor will be slightly higher than the wood floor itself, so that the moisture absorption of the wood floor causes mutual cracking to cause floor cracking,pretoria seinäverhous urakoitsijat and sometimes the cracking of the wood floor is related to the wood fibers of the wood itself, and in some cases Is difficult to avoid. However, if a large number of wood flooring a large area of ​​cracking, which may be related to the processing technology, should promptly contact manufacturers to solve the problem.</P>
<P>Wood floor shrinkage and the external environment temperature and humidity,puumuovikomposiitin asennus and wood flooring in the north and south of the water content is not the same. In the northern region of each single piece of wood floor shrinkage within 2.5 mm is a normal phenomenon.</P>
<p>In the southern region of the wood floor shrinkage will be more serious, because in the southern region, because the winter air conditioning caused by air is too dry,leveä lankku puulattiat the wood floor shrinkage will be more serious, and sometimes have a certain relationship with the product quality. Therefore, home improvement friends must pay attention to the floor of the brand, buy brand wood flooring will use peace of mind.</p>
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Re: Wood floor cracking

Postby FinestCarp1234 on Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:44 am

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