Bare Shaft Arrow Tuning

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Bare Shaft Arrow Tuning

Postby Dave Eder on Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:07 pm

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What is bare shaft tuning? Should I ever shoot through paper with a bare shaft?

Bare shaft tuning requires you to first shoot a group of arrows with fletching into a backstop at 20 yards, followed by a group without fletching. Make adjustments to bring the two groups together, and as soon as the unfletched arrows strike the same spot as the fletched, your bow is tuned. If the unfletched arrows impact above or below, first examine your wheel timing before moving your nock point up or down respectively. If they impact to the left (and you are shooting fingers) your shafts are probably too stiff. If they impact to the right your shafts may be too weak (finger shooter) or you may have contact between the fletching and your rest.

You may choose to shoot a bare shaft through paper to determine whether or not you have a fletching contact problem. If you can get your bare shafts to punch a perfect hole, but not your fletched shafts, you know your adjustments are fine. You must only rotate your nocks to find the position that will permit perfect arrow flight.

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To see just how much an arrow flexes and how much contact there maybe with your rest and bow, watch the video below.

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