How can I determine my best anchor point?

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How can I determine my best anchor point?

Postby Dave Eder on Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:19 am

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How can I determine my best anchor point?

Much of determining an anchor point is personal preference, but there are some good suggested starting points. For years the standard starting point for the finger shooter has been the index finger in corner of the mouth. A higher anchor, such as the middle finger in the corner of the mouth, may be a better anchor for the instinctive shooter. The release shooter should try to get the last (largest) knuckle of the index finger back around the ear lobe. You may also consider placing the thumb of your release hand behind your neck for a solid reference point. This will stretch out the draw length, increasing arrow speed slightly. These three anchor points will allow you to use your back muscles properly and to point your elbow straight behind you for best accuracy.

Original Article: How can I determine my best anchor point?
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Re: How can I determine my best anchor point?

Postby Jason on Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:52 am

I know quite a few people do it but for hunting situations, it seems that putting your thumb behind your neck could be a recipe for inaccuracy. In any cold weather situations I would think your multiple layers of clothing could significantly alter your anchor point. or... just trying to get your thumb back inside your clothing that may be layered up behind your neck would add another level of difficulty.
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