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RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:54 am
Guys I asked David to add a Recipe section for us...he did it immediately!! lets have some fun with this and add your favorite recipes!!!!! Wi-Doe

Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:06 am
by Newarcher
See you aren't totally useless! :D

Tell DFA that we said tough luck...get another cook. Your services here as internet jester are required above his pub! :D


Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:20 am
Newarcher wrote:See you aren't totally useless! :D

Tell DFA that we said tough luck...get another cook. Your services here as internet jester are required above his pub! :D


AWWW SHUCKS!! :oops: :oops: :oops: We're working on getting the section functional...should be ready for inputting recipes real soon!!! Gonna be fun!!!

Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:44 am
Gang, when posting recipes please be sure to check quantities, ingredients and instructions carefully before adding...this will reduce questions and sure to include cooking temps, times and if possible portions....let's get the ball rolling!!!! ;)

Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 8:13 am
by Newarcher
Great meatloaf recipe ( and I hate meatloaf):,1827,13 ... 94,00.html

Just substitute vension grind for ground beef.



Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:39 pm
by dllcamo
Very good!!!!!!

Bear Meat

PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:25 pm
I Got this request from Gray Ghost.......

Postby WI-DOE-MAKER on Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:09 pm
Wi-Doe! Long time no see...I have been very slack in checking in since the board's so slow, but I hope you and the boys are doing well.

Need a favor: Would like your response to people who say they haven't figured out a good way to make bear taste good. I hear this about spring bears, mostly, but also fall bears. Some of these guys are really good cooks. If you could address the variables (handling fat, storage, meat gets stronger over time, parasites, waste build-up in bears just out of hibernation, etc) I would really appreciate it.

(Also interested in how you handled your javelinas, but that's a different story).

From my personal experience and some Culinary training here goes......

Bear meat is good to eat as long as it's handled properly in the field...I E. Prompt field dressing and quick cooling of the meat are essential for quality fare. Now there is a difference between Spring and Fall killed Bears...I've killed and been on the kill of several Spring Bears...they are VERY lean from a long winter of Quasi-Hibernation..I've looked closely at the skinned carcasses of about 10 Spring Bears and EVERY one of them had these skinny long worms on the flesh...I doubt they are harmful if cooked to a proper temp like pork 160 degrees F.

(Trichinellosis is a parasitic infection caused by tissue-dwelling Trichinella roundworms and is associated traditionally with ingestion of pork from infected domestic swine. As a result of improvements in swine production, trichinellosis has declined steadily in the United States (1). However, infection also can result from eating the meat of wild animals. During 1997--2001, a total of 72 cases of trichinellosis (median: 12 cases annually; range: 11--23 cases) were reported to CDC; the majority of these infections were associated with eating wild game, predominantly bear. This report describes three cases of trichinellosis associated with eating undercooked bear meat reported from New York and Tennessee in 2003. To prevent trichinellosis, persons should cook meat, particularly wild game, to an internal temperature of 160º F (71º C) (1). )

As far as Bear fat goes...if you look it up online you'll find TONS of varied answers...(Most will be from hunters with much prejudice against eating Bears)

From my experience Bear Fat from properly handled Fall Bears is Sweet and wonderful!! In early days it was slowly rendered and the strained liquid poured into canning it cooled it solidified into a white solid shortening like was highly prized for baking pie crusts and biscuits...I've used it many times with great results.

Bear meat can be tough and stringy especially from older animals...being the meat must be cooked well done (160 degrees) it makes sense to Braise the meat ( slow cooked in liquid till very tender) I've made many great meals so tender that the meat is simply cut with a fork.

I've made quite a few Bear roasts into "Corned Bear"....AWESOME!!!! Very easy to do..I can guide those of you that would like to try this...also works well with Venison!!

I would NOT suggest Bear be made into Jerky for the simple reason that it is not heated to the safe 160 degree internal temps.

As far as storage of Bear meat..I use a vacuum sealer for ALL my keeps it freezer burn free for well over a year..if you simply want to freeze it via traditional methods I suggest using the meat within 6 months for best quality.

Canning is another real good way to store Bear meat and it tenderizes it as well!! Be SURE to use a Pressure Canner and follow USDA guidelines for time and pressure!!! DO NOT HOT WATER CAN ANY MEAT!!!!!!!

Bear sausage is real good as are Bear burgers cooked well (160 degrees)

Grilled Venison Sandwich

PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 5:08 am
by alsbows
This recipe was just accepted for inclusion in the new Deer & Deer Hunting cookbook and is a finalist in their competition for a new Mathews bow. Everyone who has tried the sandwich has loved it. I hope you will too.

1 lb of venison loin or clean round steak
1 med onion
1 bulky or crusty roll
3 tble of jamaican jerk sauce
1 tbls of olive oil
1 tsp of softened butter
2 tble of mayo (Hellmann's, of course)

slice onion and place in olive oil on medium low heat. You want the onion to carmelize - not burn!
S&P the venison then slather it with the jerk sauce. Place the meat on a grill preheated to 350 degrees.
Turn meat after 3 minutes. When venison is cooked to rare or medium rare, place on a platter and allow it to rest for 5 minutes.
Place the buttered roll on the grill and toast until colored - not burnt! Apply mayo to roll,
Slice the venison thinly and always on the bias. Pile the venison on the roll, top with the carmelized onions and enjoy a truly great, and easy to make, sanwich.

Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:47 am
by Swamp Fox >>--->
Hey, is nobody cooking anything since last fall?

I'm looking for a good venison lasagna recipe. A little spicy, very cheesy...Nothing fern-bar...

Re: RECIPE INDEX now added!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 11:49 am
Swamp Fox >>---> wrote:Hey, is nobody cooking anything since last fall?

I'm looking for a good venison lasagna recipe. A little spicy, very cheesy...Nothing fern-bar...

Swampy, This should be a snap...brown some ground venison (about 1 lb) in a bit of EVOO then add a couple cloves of slices fresh garlic and a medium onion diced and cook till soft....then you can add a couple 28oz cans of QUALITY Crushed Italian Plum tomatoes,add a couple TBL of shredded fresh Basil leaves, 1 tsp of Oregano, salt and pepper to taste. (if you want some Spicy Heat add some flaked Hot Red Pepper. simmer for about 40 min. In a lg Bowl mix 2 lb good Ricotta Cheese, 1 egg, 2tsp minced FRESH Parsley, 1lb of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, 1/2 cup GOOD IMPORTED Parmesan Cheese and a few grinds of black pepper..mix well......Boil a couple QTS of water to which salt has been added and Cook about 1 lb Lasagna Noodles (Barilla is BEST) till JUST LIMP..DO NOT OVERCOOK (Noodles will finish cooking in oven) !!!! Spoon a ladle of sauce on bottom of baking pan (About 3-4" deep) then place a layer of noodles slightly overlapping each other to cover bottom of pan....spoon about 2 cups of Cheese mixture and a a bit of sauce to make spreading easier and spread over 1st layer of noodles...add a 2nd layer of noodles and repeat till all cheese is used, add 1 final layer of noodles and Ladle some sauce on top layer and sprinkle with fresh Parmesan cheese. Cover with Alum foil and bake in 350 degree oven for about 45 min or until bubbly. After removing from oven let Lasagna "Rest" for about 20min to firm up....ENJOY!!! Wi-Doe