Floor waxing matters needing attention

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Floor waxing matters needing attention

Postby qizhen0809 on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:11 am

<P>Experts have told us that the floor heating materials for floor heating are mainly based on three indicators: thermal conductivity, environmental protection, and stability. For the former two, compared to floor tiles and composite floors, the excellence of solid wood flooring naturally goes without saying. Drake Geothermal Flooring addresses the most questionable stability of solid wood geothermal flooring and eliminates your doubts.</P>
<P>Under the warm environment, repeated thermal expansion and contraction may lead to cracking and cracking of the floor tiles; the solid wood composite flooring will also age prematurely and show layered cracking. With the advancement of technology, the floor heating only pure solid wood geothermal floor, using lock connection, micro carbonization and many other innovative technologies, not only completely solve the problem of poor stability, but also has the advantages of ultra-high wear resistance, silencer mute, etc. The life span is several times that of other floor materials.</P>
<P>It can be seen that the improvement of solid wood flooring through external processes fully meets the need for floor heating, but the progress of geothermal floor technology is never-ending, and Draco geothermal floor technology is exclusively developed and researched using micro-carbonization technology. Allows its carbonized geothermal flooring to be more stable than conventional solid wood geothermal flooring.</P>
<P>The geothermal floor also uses the advantages of the three core systematic technologies such as the ��Wood Sorting System��, ��Floor Stabilization System��, and ��Surface Locking System�� to select the tree species that have better stability and adopt the closed coating method. With the lock assembly to increase the tension between the floor, so that the overall size of the floor is more stable.</P>
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