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Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:35 pm
by GregE
I appreciate the effort 5 shot and Shtr put into their separate equipment tests. Though their test procedures are nearly identical on their Magnus Snuffer SS reviews 5 shot liked it a lot, Shtr said it flew poorly. To have personal confidence in your choice sometimes ya just gotta do it yourself..... and I usually do. :D

I have shot the Delta Snuffer about 10 years ago ( poorly made until Magnus took them over) and after getting the insert mounted true it flew great. I knew I wanted to look at the Snuffer SS as soon as I saw the first picture- I've favored 3 blades for much of my hunting time.

I got two 3 packs of the 125 gr 3 blade Snuffer SS from Edersbow. I pulled one out of the package and proceeded to create a bald spot on my arm testing the sharpness. Pretty good though I will touch them up to Eastman standards. ( that's me not the NAP folks :wink: )

I pulled the other two out and checked the edge by drawing each blade 'gently' across my thumb nail. If it's sharp it will drag if not it will slide or skip. Old bowhunters who enjoyed sharpening their hunting heads could be spotted by bald spots and grooved nails. :D It felt like coming home and they all seemed well sharpened which is tough for a level ground 3 blade due to the 60 degree angle.

Time to pull out the U.S. Balance digital grain scale. They all weighed in at 124 gr, but my scale is low just a bit and I can't get the zero to hold- so I give them credit for being 125 as advertised since heads that I know are actually 125 show up as 124 on my scale.

Looking at he construction I was impressed with the nice welding job fastening the 3 blades to the center ferrule. They checked out as well made and spun true. I do not plan to do any destruction tests- I'll bow to the plywood, barrel and tire masters mentioned above results.

I did notice that the threads seeming hard to screw in to my arrow adapters. I thought the arrow insert may have galled due to shooting with a loose tip. But checking several head/ arrow combinations they all seemed hard to screw in. I was able to get them seated but may get my tap/ die out to confirm my initial thoughts that the Stainless Steel threads are a little larger than the Stingers and other heads.

Now for the waiting. I broke my finger at softball practice several weeks ago and it 'talked to me' when I even thought about shooting. So I waited trying to follow the doctor's orders.

I'll post a comparison of the Stinger 4 blade I've been shooting and the Snuffer SS- both 125 gr.


The Stinger is a great flying head with a sturdy main blade. The Snuffer appears quite a bit smaller, but if you consider 3 versus 2 edges on the 'main blade' the cutting edge is similar. I favor a broadhead that 'slices' rather than punches like some of the newer Wac Em style. On the other hand, I've favored 3 blade heads for many years. So Design Comparison is a push.


My 2002 Hoyt Ultratec with CC+ cams would get the arrow flinger honors. My target range goes out to 60 measured yards and I would be shooting from 30 yards to spread the impact out a bit. I've found out the hard way that group testing broadheads quickly gets expensive. '02 Hoyt Ultratec CC+, presently at 64#, 29,5 draw. GT XT Pro 5575, 410 gr about 265 - 270 FPS. I haven't chronoed in a while but that's about what this set up puts out.
I may use the 7595s again soon but they need new vanes. The 7595s don't fly much slower and I like the added weight.


The target was up and operational before we started construction of our house ( actually we had to wait on permits and final design so I may as well have something to do :D ) This synthetic excelsior bale has been catching arrows for 13+ years. It's a little soft in spots so I have a sheet of 2" foam insulation backing it up. The stump and plywood are to catch the grandkids occasional 'oops shots'. :roll:

You don't want to shoot BHs into excelsior so my Stanley Hips ethafoam target would be used. Its 6" thick but the replacable center is 12" and though it's been used for 4 years it still stops them except when you find the crack around the center core or a heavily shot up spot.

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:36 pm
by GregE
Well, I didn't wait 3 weeks before shooting- so here are my initial results from 30 yards. In addition to the Stingers and Snuffers ( 2 each) I shot 3 bld Muzzy 125s and field points. Shafts were a mix of CX 300 and XT 5575 both with 2 " Blazer vanes.


I found a little rust somewhere between the bow hand and my string hand. :roll: The top right arrow was probably a yip /flinch- but there is still a lot of vertical spread. To get a sense of scale the replacable target core is 12" in diameter. So discounting the 'yip' this group is about 3 " from center of impact- ( 6" - diameter )



I haven't shot much since last November and I found the first thing I needed to do was to tweak the bow a bit and my head a lot. :wink: The No Peep now centers up nicely in support of my natural anchor. I've reduced the string length ΒΌ" as I was getting arm slap sometimes ( and that ruins your follow through and consistency ) :shock:

The field points generally grouped closer to the center so I did some BH tuning moving the Trophy Taker Shaky Hunter rest about 1/32 right.
I dropped the CX 300s from the test staying with my 5575 XT Pro arrows still with Blazer vanes. The Arrow / BHs were all spin checked. After all that the impact group was tightened and the Tru Glo sight was then adjusted to center the impact on the target.

Getting it right ......

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:37 pm
by GregE
A few days later I went again went back to 30 yards and decided to only shoot 4 arrows. I didn't want muscle or mental fatigue to mess things up and I could shoot with less chance of trimming a vane or slicing a shaft. Notice on the 'untuned' shot pattern the two Snuffers are together in the center and were close to that during several shot groups attempts. I suspect many of the smaller 'Slick Trick style' heads would do the same as they have less planning surface than the Stinger.

Stingers fly great when tuned so they are certainly still going to be in my tackle box.

BTW, I'll be shooting at individual spots from now on- - I can't afford any more sliced shafts.



I still need to do some tweaking on the BH tune but all the arrows flew well. The Flight Comparison is a push.

I did find some damage on the tip of one Snuffer. One of my tuning shots went low, missed the insulation and apparently hit a small rock. The tip is bent a little - visible in this picture. I'm sure it will dress up fine with a little file work.


Durability goes to the Stinger ( except for the insert blades which are much tougher than the old Bear Razorheads I started with sooooo many years ago- but are still the weakest link )

Sharpening the Snuffer SS is something I'll report on later. But following the Magnus recommendations to use a diamond steel and light pressure I'm confident they will take and hold an edge.

Final Analysis: I'm planning on packing the Snuffer SS heads to Colorado this September. I'll be calling in an order in a couple weeks to get some more.

I do believe in shooting your hunting set up a LOT before pointing at a critter so I always plan on wearing some out getting ready. I save them for practice heads to use in camp as maintaining form and confidence is also important as the season proceeds.

With the bow equipment questions resolved it's time to get the legs, lungs and shooting form in shape. :D

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2008 5:59 pm
by Keef
I've used the Stinger and Buzzcut off and on for a few years. I put the Stinger on my wife's bow since she only shoots 45 lbs. This year we had 3 Stingers and Buzzcuts break and fall apart. I contacted Mike at Magnus. I've met him a few times and been to his factory. I told him about my experience and asked if I could swap them for Snuffers. His response was that the Stinger and Buzzcut held up as well as any broadhead and the Snuffer wouldn't be any better. That really disappointed me. My wife hit a doe in the ribs and the Stinger came apart and the tip broke off. That's at 45 lbs. Another one broke into 4 pieces and all we found was one side of the main blade attached to the body of the broadhead.

Mike stands behind his policy of replacing broken heads but I won't be using them anymore. The Stinger is probably the best flying broadhead I've ever used but if they don't stay together then I am not interested. I'll stick with NAP Thunderhead or Slick Tricks. I've killed a lot of animals with the Thunderhead so I guess I should stay with the broadhead that works for me.

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:02 am
by GregE
I've shot several Snuffer SS heads hundreds of times and have never had nor Heard of a problem with them holding up. I'm interested in hearing about your experience.

They are in my quiver for this years elk hunt.

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:24 pm
by GregE
Up for review

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:07 pm
by Coodster
GregEE, I like the snuffer ss and the stinger also, but think the snuffer ss is more durable.
Both are great heads took my buffalo with a 125gr stinger with my curve as you know but during practice rounds if I miss the target and sink a stinger into the backstop the stinger is sure to break while pulling, I have lost a few, well more than a few this way. I have to say its not the heads fault, but mine when pulling out. I will not send them in for replacement they go to the back stop graveyard.
the weak link on the 4 blade stinger is the bleeder blade block, the ferrule is half the thickness.
I have only broke two snuffer ss one in the spine of my deer, and one the back of the blade broke right above the weld? don't know how but it did.
still a good report and do love my stingers well all broadheads for that matter :mrgreen:

Hit a brick with a steel force two blade that thing broke into 4 pieces, but its a brick don't expect any head to survive that type of shot

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:14 pm
by GregE

Magnus is working on a new sharpening procedure to get the Snuffer SS as razor sharp as it can be right out of the box. I communicated with Mike Sohm when I first tested them that I had to touch them up- apparently they listened.

Here's his post:
guys i will be the first to say i believe the snuffer ss is a good head, but we have not been happy with the snuffer ss up to this point, the entire reason is we believe this head should come out of the package scary sharp. currently the snuffer ss does not come sharp. the buzzcut does come very sharp.

The new "to be renamed" heads are not ready yet. I'm waiting until they are. Stinger 4 bld or Slick Tricks this year. 8-)

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:14 am
by brianerixon
I always wondered about them, maybe next year.

Re: Magnus Snuffer SS Test Report

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 11:40 pm
by GregE
I got replies from Woody Sanford and Mike Sohm at Magnus about when the new, sharper version of the Snuffer SS will be available:

As of right now its a numbers thing. Soon as we hit enough per day we hit the green light. Mike's pretty picky and doesn't want to go into promotion untill he's happy with the volume per day but that's a good thing. Won't be any question when we do hit it but no way of knowing when that day is going to be.


we are hoping to have this summer will know by june 1st when release date will be. thanks