New to Bowfishing?

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New to Bowfishing?

Postby josephdetor on Mon May 20, 2019 6:23 am

The basic principle of bow fishing is quite simple. You spot a fish lurking in the shallows, carefully move in closer, draw back your specially equipped bow and arrow, take aim, then let it fly. If your aim is true and your barb-tipped arrow hits the mark, you reel your fish in by the line attached to your arrow.
You may not have tried your hand at bowfishing yet, but you can bet you’re not far from a body of water that will offer you the opportunity. Rivers, lakes, flooded fields, and marshes provide a variety of shallow habitats accessible from shore, by wading, or by boat. With minimal expense and a few key pieces of equipment, you can easily get started in your area.
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