How To Curl Brazilian Hair Weave

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How To Curl Brazilian Hair Weave

Postby alihair on Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:00 am

The advantage to having Brazilian Hair is that individuals can style them as they would their own hair. The only things to bear in mind are incorporating the weave into the natural hair and being careful not to pull on the weave too much as it can create discomfort.Curly Brazilian hair extensions can make us look glamorous.Now Let’s see the methods of curl Brazilian Hair Weave:

Select the Correct Hair Roller
There is a wide variety of hair rollers available for curling human hair. There are heated rollers, cool rollers for wet setting and blow drying, foam rollers, and other trendy options. No matter the variety, there is always a selection of sizes.

Prep the Natural Hair and Human Hair Weave
Typically, dry hair is best for curling because it does not take as long to set. Therefore, it is important to either let the hair dry or blow dry it after washing. If there is enough time, let the Body Wave Hair and weave dry naturally so neither has exposure to more heat than necessary. Products that will help with using rollers include heat protection spray and heat activating spray for hot rollers. Apply a favorite setting product such as hairspray or hair gel just before putting in the rollers.

Put Natural Hair and Human Hair Weave in Rollers
Roll the hair into rollers in sections. Sections that are too big will not curl properly. Sections that are too small will create tiny curls that may look frizzy. Roughly 2 inches thick is a good rule. Make sure to clip the hair into place if necessary. This will prevent flyaways that did not curl and fallout should the rollers stay in overnight.

Let the Human Hair Weave Set
How long the hair weave needs to set depends on the curlers in use. When using heated rollers, allow them to cool enough so the hair is cool to the touch before removing. If using cold rollers, heat the hair up with a blow dryer until the hair is warm and then allow it to cool before taking the hair down. Wet hair can sit overnight. Waiting for it to dry takes several hours, so never use this method in a hurry.

Style the Hair and Blend with Natural Hair
After taking down the rollers, it is okay to style the hair as desired immediately. A clip just above and behind the ear to swoop the hair back from the face on one side is a popular option. Another is a high, half ponytail that sits at the back of the crown allowing the hair to fall in cascades on either side. Simply parting it down the middle and letting the curls do the work is an easy way to have styled hair. Just make sure that the curls of the natural hair and the weave blend together.

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Re: How To Curl Brazilian Hair Weave

Postby CoolUO on Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:20 am

I have found several decisions on how to straighten such type of hair. Monica wrote about it on her blog dedicated to hair styling tools and products. Here is the link to the article which might come in handy: ... r-relaxer/
This method is what you need for curly hair
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