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Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 Technology Articles | June 2 Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes , 2011
Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 comes with a 1.7Ghz AMD Phenom II P940 Quad-Core Processor: The Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 comes with a 1.7Ghz AMD Phenom II P940 quad-core processor and a 2 MB ...

Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 comes with a 1.7Ghz AMD Phenom II P940 Quad-Core Processor:

The Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 comes with a 1.7Ghz AMD Phenom II P940 quad-core processor and a 2 MB L2 cache. This allows you to greatly enjoy movies, music and games. Additionally, it comes with a 500 GB SATA hard drive, 4GB of DDR3 RAM that is expandable to 8GB and a 8x dual-layer SuperMilti drive that supports Labelflash printing. It also has an excellent graphics card ? ATI Radeon HD 4250 that gives you great visuals and performance. This laptop with its integrated Wireless-N Wi-Fi networking Cheap Nike Air Max , has 5 times the performance and twice the wireless range of older wireless networks. As for speakers, it is equipped with Harman Kardon stereo speakers, giving you virtual surround sound. This laptop also features a 16-inch HD TruBrite widescreen LED Backlight display. The screen provides you with 1366 x 768 resolution in 16:9 aspect ration. Furthermore it is anti-glare, and thus images are brighter and more vivid.

Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 has Included Toshiba Software:

One of the Toshiba Software included is Toshiba Media Controller for simple sharing of media files between your laptop and compatible devices. Another software is Toshiba Bulletin Board Cheap Air Max Shoes , an app that lets you personalize a space on your desktop. You can also use it to organize your appointments and to-do list. The last is Toshiba Reel Time, a search tool that allows you to find files quickly by showing you a timeline of recently accessed files.

Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 Included Toshiba Utilities:

Useful Toshiba Utilities that are included are Toshiba eco Utility, Sleep and Music, USB Sleep and Charge Cheap Air Max , and Hard Drive Impact Sensor. Toshiba eco Utility helps you go green as it allows you to choose the optimal power plan for various needs. Sleep and Music enables you to enjoy music via the laptop's speakers without booting, you just plug your player into the microphone jack. The Sleep and Charge USB port allows you to charge your portable devices without booting. With Hard Drive Impact Sensor, your important data are protected while you are on the go as the sensor can detect sudden movement and will safeguard the hard drive during sudden movement. Therefore, the Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 is a excellent buy if you are thinking of getting a new laptop.

Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 Pros:

Nice big LCD without much extra weight.Processing speed is very fast.Not too much add-on junk installed (but some).Windows 7 x64 is a good choice Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Premium , even if it's only Home Premium edition

Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6096 Cons:

No Gigabit Ethernet. It's only 10100. This is my biggest disappointment.Bigger so not super portable like a netbook, it has the separate number pad and the keys have space between (which is very nice) so it is long.

New Home Sales Fall Anew in October Business Articles | December 2, 2010
Sales of new homes for single families fell in October by up to 8.1% compared to sales in the same period last year. Analysts expect prices to further drop in the coming months.

It is one piece of news that could be interpreted as bearish by the market, but it could be good news to opportunistic property investors and buyers. Sales of new homes (single-family) fell anew in October. The figure dropped 8.1% to an annualized rate of about 283 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Infrared ,000 units, according to data released by the US Commerce Department.

The agency noted that it was the fourth month sales of new homes fell in the last six months. In comparison, October sales was just 2.9% higher than the sale in August, which was at 275 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Essential ,000 units, the lowest recorded since 1963

Market analysts assert that the figure supports their earlier expectation that it may take up to three years before the industry rebounds to healthy levels. Experts also noted that up to 600,000 new single-family homes should be actually sold in a month before home sales could be declared ?normal? again

Meanwhile, median home price in October also fell to its lowest point in about seven years. The median price of new home sold in the month dropped to $194 Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Ultra ,900, the lowest since October 2003

The Commerce Department?s housing figures came after a report was released earlier in the week that sales of existing or previously occupied homes also fell in October by 2.2% to 4.43 million units. The peak of sales of such homes was achieved in September 2005, when actual sales reached 7.25 million units.

Several market analysts downplayed this drop in monthly new-home sales. They say that the housing market could be vulnerable enough to higher volatility. According to them, sales indicate that it would be far from recovery Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , but it is also unlikely to drop further

The decline in home sales is usually attributed to several factors. Those include higher unemployment rate, uncertainty in house prices, and stricter bank lending requirements. The expiration in April of government tax credits to home purchases is also seen as a significant factor in home price declines

Economists reminded that weaker home sales could mean fewer jobs offered in the construction industry. However, it could be a piece of good news to some Cheap Air Max 90 Premium , particularly home buyers and investors who take advantage of lower price tags when purchasing properties

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