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Postby chernov on Wed May 16, 2018 10:11 pm

Hayward's departure was originally a good opportunity for Hood, but he was coached by Schneider on the bench and became the second team's firepower output point. In spite of this, Hood entered the contract year and sent out a full fight, setting a new career high in terms Air Max Pas Cher of usage, average points per game, 3-point percentage and hits.
However, this is the final return of the light before he left the team. Before the trade deadline, he was sent to the Cavaliers by the team, in exchange for Jay Crowder and Derrick Rose, and the 2024 second-round draft pick. The so-called return of light is just to raise prices.

As the saying goes, the tree is dead and people move. Came to the Cavaliers, Hood also ushered in a new opportunity. For the Cavaliers who just lost Owen, Hood is exactly the right complement. He has excellent scoring ability, but also can play ball pick and roll, can be the second player of the team after James came off. This wishful thinking played well, but this idea is only stuck at the theoretical level.

After coming to the Cavaliers, not only did Hood fail to Nike Roshe Run become the second player the Cavaliers had been searching for this season, but he also appeared to be at a loss when faced with the choice of offensive games. With 21 games down, his role in the team has never been finalized. What's worse is that in the Jazz's defensive system, Hodgson and Gobert's defensive stance was behind him, but after coming to the Cavaliers, the bad defensive environment not only failed to inspire his defense. Enthusiasm, but more enlarged his short board on the defensive end. Therefore, in the process of continuous trials, Hood's playing time did not rise, but he hoped that the replacement of the club to usher in new opportunities instead of Hode fell to the abyss at a faster rate.

In the playoffs, every coach has become more cautious about his formation. Nike TN 2018 Those who do not have good defensive skills and who are not efficient enough will have no place in the playoffs. For example, in another series of games, the Celtics' defensive like a meat grinder gave the young 76ers a terrible price, and in the end they let Belinelli end up on the defensive end. . From this set of examples, you can see how difficult a defensive scorer is in the playoffs.
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