What is the strategy odd even on betting on football?

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What is the strategy odd even on betting on football?

Postby soma on Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:38 am

What is the strategy odd even on betting on football?
All clients of bookmakers should know what is odd in bets on various sports events. Thanks to this, you will be able to make quite profitable bets, because choosing one of the two options, your chances are 50%, and in the rates as you know, this is a very good indicator.

Bets on even and odd totals are available in almost all sporting events. They represent a prototype of ordinary totals, but the size of the total is absolutely not important, the main thing is that the total total value is either an even or an odd number.

Even numbers are those that are divisible by two and result in integers.

Odd numbers are those that are not integers and dividing by two will not produce an integer.

Professional players often use similar options for betting. With due regard to the choice of the match, you can always keep your own game score in a positive range.

Betting strategy for even and odd total in football

Many experts note that there is an effective strategy Chet odd in football, but only professional betters can use it correctly. Immediately make a note that it is not a win-win and can not pass at any time. First of all, this is due to the fact that football matches can develop according to the most unpredictable scenarios.

For a good example, we will not go far and take the match of the qualifying round of the Europa League between PSV and Osiek. In this pair, a clear favorite is the Dutch club, because in all respects they are a cut above their opponents from Croatia. Victory PSV bookmaker gave the factor 1.15, and Victoria Osijek offered to players for the indelicate 7.50.

As for even and odd totals, I assumed a confident victory of the hosts with a score of 3-0, that is, the total of the match will be odd. Unfortunately, my prediction came true only partially, but if we bet on an odd total of the match, we would have made a profit, and the game ended with a guest victory of Croats 0-1.
Bookmaker online pinup betting

The strategy is quite simple and convenient even for beginners, but still I strongly recommend not to bet large sums on them, until you get the proper amount of experience and knowledge.

For fans of football betting there is a pretty profitable scheme, which was developed by Cats. It partially implies making bets by Dogon and fork. This is what allows you to significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome of bets.

So, consider this strategy even odd in bets on sporting events, in this case football. For a more convenient and simple perception will do step by step instructions:

It is necessary to carefully study all the football matches presented by the betting company in the Line. Of all the options available, six should be preferred.

In the selected confrontations, you need to select even or odd totals. Collecting Express of 6 totals odd and even, you set the amount of the bet, for example, 200 rubles.

Once the Express has been compiled we begin to consider each meeting from its list separately. To begin with, we take into account the first game of our locomotive. In it we are interested in the bet on odd even total, which is the opposite of the chosen Express. If you set total odd, now committed single bet on an odd total. The amount of the bet must be two times more than the Express, so we put 400 rubles.

Repeat these steps with each match made up of Express.

Thanks to this strategy Kotova, you can quickly and easily play catch-up. In any scenario of the match you either win a single bet, or you made Express goes further.

0-0 when betting on odd and even in football

If you ask the betters that 0 0 is odd or even, many people will say that it is difficult to say exactly. Let's analyze this situation, which will allow you to be confident in your bets in the future.

So, absolutely all betters understand that in a match with 1 or 3 or 5 goals scored, the total will be odd, while scoring 2, 4 or 6 goals of the team makes it even. If a football match ended with a headless extravaganza 0-0, then this bet is considered as an even total. This is due to the fact that zero belongs to the category of even numbers and 0 + 0 = 0. That is why if you bet on even, and the team was not able to open the score in the match, do not worry, because your bet played.

Advantages and disadvantages of odd and even bets

Absolutely every strategy has positive and negative aspects. This is due to the fact that the chances of losing will be present absolutely always. Dear betters, do not listen to those who offer to buy 100% winning strategies, because these people are scammers. Such schemes simply do not exist. Of course, there are those who have a decent percentage of patency.

If we talk about the advantages of betting on odd and even, we should note the high chances of winning. Before the event, they are at least 50%, and this is an impressive figure.

Among the shortcomings I want to point out that there is a possibility of contact with a series of matches with the opposite outcome. In such cases, you can lose absolutely all the funds available on the account.


This strategy has quite convenient and simple rules that will be clear even to beginners. The chances of losing are present in all strategies, but somewhere it is more, and somewhere less. Bets on odd and even can bring quite a large amount of profit to better.
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Re: What is the strategy odd even on betting on football?

Postby obligations on Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:20 am

Good day everyone!
Betting is a very risky business! But without risk there is nothing good. If you want big victories, you have to take big risks. But do not forget about peace of mind. Do not be nervous. And everything will turn out! Good luck everyone!
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