How to Find a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

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How to Find a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Postby cramerjohn004 on Tue May 21, 2019 5:32 am

A traditional vacuum, normally used for cleaning carpets and rugs, are not particularly ideal for hardwood floors. The rollers in a regular vacuum are not designed to properly pick up dirt, dust or pet hair on a hardwood floor. It is especially important that any dirt in cleaned off hardwood promptly as this type of floor is especially susceptible to scratching from dirt particles. Using a broom and dustpan can be a time-consuming affair to pick up dust on a daily basis. Dry-cloth sweepers can pick up some dust but will only push around larger pieces of dirt. Luckily, hardwood floor vacuum cleaners manufacturers have identified this need and begun to fill the market for a hardwood floor vacuum.

There are two main types of hardwood vacuums, uprights and broomstick cordless vacuums. An upright vacuum takes the strain off you, as it will roll along the floor on wheels. A major con of the upright style is that it can often be unwieldy when trying to clean around chair-legs and in corners. A broomstick style vacuum is handled like a broom while also vacuuming up larger pieces of dirt. They can be very handy to quickly clean around corners. Also, their slim profile makes storage much easier.

Upright models usually have a cord, which allows for greater suction power than most cordless vacuums. However, cordless varieties have the distinct advantage of being extremely portable. These vacuums are often rechargeable, so will only need to be plugged in while not in use.
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Re: How to Find a Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Postby katedaisy on Wed May 22, 2019 3:25 am

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