built into one of your weekly

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built into one of your weekly

Postby lasky1994 on Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:31 pm

Think of threshold as an effort not a pace. Put simply, threshold running is running at 80-85 per cent of your maximum heart rate or more simply, as a perceived rate of exertion; it’s an effort level of eight-8.5 out of ten. (Think of those long slow easy runs or shorter recovery runs, as being an effort of six and it should make it clearer.) You are on the edge of discomfort, you may be able to say a snatched sentence but you should still have another gear and you shouldn’t finish a threshold block on your hands and knees and unable to talk. Ideally you will slow to a jog Adidas ZX Flux Femme for the recovery. The more you practise running at Nike Air Max 90 Essential Femme threshold the better you become and the more familiar it feels.

Try blocks of threshold running built into one of your weekly runs on a regular basis. The idea being that sessions or runs including multiple blocks of threshold running for a duration of five minutes or more with shorter recoveries in between. This will have a far bigger benefit on your ability to sustain pace for longer than just doing short fast bursts of running or sprints for 30 seconds at a time.

Many people think fast speed work (i.e running that is faster than threshold effort) is the only ingredient needed to run a fast 5K but ask yourself this: ‘Could I run my parkrun this Saturday at my threshold effort all the way round?’ If the answer is no, and in many cases it will be, then you are not yet ready to try running it any faster! Your main aim should be to add Nike Roshe Run Dame Nike Air Max 97 Dam progressive threshold sessions into your weekly training Nike Air Force 1 Dames consistently for a period of six to eight weeks and you will be amazed by the improvement in speed and the ability to hold speed/pace for longer. You will have improved your running economy.

Example sessions are:
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