How high should I hang my treestand?

July 15th, 2009 / Posted by
How high should I hang my treestand?

I really don’t like to climb trees, and I’ve taken a couple of deer from the ground, but I realize that my best chance for success is from a treestand. I just got back from a hunting trip to Idaho. I shot a nice eight-pointer but the guide had some of the stands as high as 35 feet. That was way too high for me. How close to the ground can I place my stands and still hunt effectively?

We like to get between 15 and 20 feet up. We know hunters, however, who take deer consistently from stands much lower than this. Tree stand height should really depend upon conditions. In locations where you are trying to keep your scent above deer, or in relatively bare trees, you need to be 20 feet, or more. With plenty of cover – and if you can keep from moving – you can get away with being lower. Also, try the new climbing sticks (portable ladders) and large fixed position tree stands to make tree stand hunting more comfortable for you.

How High Do You Hang Your Stand?

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