How To Test your Bowhunting Effective Range

March 12th, 2010 / Posted by David
How To Test your Bowhunting Effective Range

I would like a measuring stick for my shooting ability. Are there any standards that I can apply during my practice sessions so that I know when I’m accurate enough to make killing shots at 30 yards? That’s my goal.

I assume you are talking about shots on deer sized game. Thirty- yard accuracy on whitetails is a reasonable goal for most dedicated bowhunters. We tend to be less accurate while hunting than under controlled practice conditions, so it is better to be slightly conservative when setting the standard. If, on an average day, you can get your arrows into a six or seven inch diameter circle consistently at 30 yards you are probably ready.

A better test of your skills is to examine the results of your shots taken when range is unknown, such as at 3-D tournaments or informal shoots at unknown distances. The outcome of these shots will most closely represent your performance under hunting conditions since range will not be known and more pressure exists. After your form improves to the point where you are hitting at 30 yards make sure that you also spend some time confirming that your broadhead flight is good as well. Unless you shoot mechanical broadheads, it is tougher to get hunting arrows to group well than practice arrows carrying only field points. Always carrying and using a good, accurate range finder will also help you to improve your 30 yard accuracy while hunting.

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