How would you hunt these scrapes?

November 13th, 2009 / Posted by David
How would you hunt these scrapes?

The farm I hunt has a long ridge running right through the middle of it. There are usually scrapes and trails located right on the ridge top, but I have never seen any decent bucks from stands located on the ridge. Is it possible that these scrapes are only being made and freshened at night? How would you hunt this area?

Big bucks seem to shy away from ridge tops during most daylight hours, even during the rut. It is likely that the scrapes are being freshened by smaller bucks, while the biggest ones keep an eye on the area from thicker cover just below the top of the ridge. There is usually a faint trail down over the side that is used primarily by the older bucks. Hunt the side hill trail on the downwind side of the ridge top. Look for rub lines to verify your choice of ambush.

We’ve also had excellent success hunting these bedding ridges during the mornings when bucks are cruising to look for any bedded does or signs of estrous activity. Generally, this activity will also take place primarily on the downwind edge of the ridge making the stand already described the best for morning hunting, as well.

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