Question about Hunting Deer Bedding Areas

November 13th, 2009 / Posted by David
Question about Hunting Deer Bedding Areas

Will a trophy whitetail bed with his back to a thick row along a creek looking out over a fallow field? Or is this more likely a doe bedding area? I recently scouted an old farm field and found a few old rubs from last year along a creek that is very thick. Along with those rubs are some beds. Would this be a morning bedding area or an afternoon bedding area? This is the first year I’ve ever hunted this 80-acre piece of land and I have heard that there is a nice buck in the area. Do you think this could be his bedroom? Also, would it be wise to hunt closer to this bedding area described at night or in the morning? Please help.

If there are several beds (3 or more) fairly close together it is probably a doe bedding area with the signs of a family group hanging nearby. If there are single beds, mostly isolated, the chances are better that it is a buck bedding area. Bucks will definitely bed near security cover like you describe and they do like to have a view of their surroundings so it wouldn’t surprise us if the bed you found is used by a buck.

Generally, bedding areas are best in the morning. You have to try to figure out where the deer are coming from (a food source most likely) and approach the area from the opposite direction. In your case you can use the creek to get in and out if it isn’t too deep. During the rut you are actually better off hunting doe bedding areas. Right before and after the rut the buck bedding areas are better (if you are able to distinguish the two – it can be tough).

We’ve spent a lot of time hunting general bedding areas (buck and doe) during the rut in the last couple of years and found them to be very good in the mornings, usually well after daylight. So, don’t leave your stand too soon.

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