Question on how to paper tune…

July 11th, 2009 / Posted by
Question on how to paper tune…

When paper tuning a release-aid bow, how far should the paper be from the target and how far should the shooter stand from the paper? I also assume a bare shaft is best for tuning.

First, we wouldn’t use the bare shaft from the start. Use it only if you can’t determine by any other method whether or not you have a fletching contact problem. The reason we are hesitant to use the bare shaft is because it is fairly easy to damage a shaft when shooting it without fletching. That is because it can easily bend on contact with the target if it gets too far sideways.

We recommend standing roughly six feet from the paper and placing the paper at least three feet from the backstop. That way the arrow is clear of the paper before it hits the target. If you are using fletched arrows you can place the paper much farther from the backstop.

For the ultimate guide to tuning your bow and arrow tuning you can download the east archery tuning guide here.

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