Should I be using right of left helical?

November 13th, 2009 / Posted by David
Should I be using right of left helical?

I’ve started using a light helical fletching. I’m a right-handed shooter. Should I be using right of left helical? Is there a difference? I have fletching clamps for my jig for both so I can use either. I’ve been using right and it shoots the same as straight with my field points. I haven’t tried the arrows with broadheads yet.

Additionally, I checked out the Rocket Steelheads you recommend. I have a question concerning them: As you know, my ACC arrows are of a small diameter. The Steelhead’s ferrule is of a significantly larger diameter then my shaft. Does this mean that on impact with game the head is having to punch a much larger hole than necessary to allow the arrow to pass through, thus sacrificing what looks to me like a lot of penetration?


It doesn’t matter which fletching orientation you use. Most of us use right helical because that’s kind of the standard. If you use feathers you will need to use the clamp that goes with the feather. For example: right wing feather goes with right helical clamp. Plastic vanes will work with either left or right helical (and straight).

The Steelhead has a pretty big cut-on-impact tip so we don’t think the size of the ferrule will limit penetration, but you may be giving up a tiny bit more than you would using a broadhead with a smaller tip and thin ferrule. We’re not sure which head that would be that would also be as strong. We recommend that you not worry about the ferrule size because you are probably talking about almost negligible differences.

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