The art of using a rangefinder the right way…

April 16th, 2010 / Posted by David
The art of using a rangefinder the right way…

When hunting from a tree stand should I take my range readings parallel to the ground or should I take them directly to the animal?

It really depends on how you will get your range information. Obviously, if you don’t have a rangefinder you will have to pace off the distances. Do this well in advance of the season and write the distances to specific landmarks in a small notebook that you carry in your fanny pack. This reduces the amount of human scent in your hunting area during the season. Make sure when practicing that you use the same system to determine your sight-in distances.

If you do have a rangefinder, it is much easier to take the readings straight from the stand to the target. This distance will be farther than the comparable distance along the ground because of the angle. To account for this difference, make sure to sight-in from stand height using the rangefinder and taking your readings straight to the target.

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