Trail Camera Blow-Out Sale

March 20th, 2011 / Posted by David
Trail Camera Blow-Out Sale


Predator Trailcam Informer XP IR, Video w/Sound, 3.2 MP
Advanced Dragon IR Technology allows you to capture true infrared images and video, plus sound, out to 75`, with no red glow. 3.5` screen for easy One Touch settings. Adjustable day/night resolution and IR range, Hypersonic 1/3-second trigger speed. Memory: up to 16 GB SD card (not included). Uses 10 AA batteries (not included). Color: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.
Normal Price: $499.99, SALE Price: $336.74

Predator Trailcam Xtinction IR Cam, Infrared, 3.2 MP

If you don’t want a traditional IR trailcam with the “Red Glowing Bulbs” that spook deer then this is the camera for you, features high resolution images–3.2 megapixels by day/1.3 by night, hypersonic 1/2 second trigger speed, exclusive Double Vision Technology that allows the user to operate the camera with 32 “True” infrared emitters for up to 30ft. Normal Price: 479.99, SALE PRICE: $343.52

Predator Trailcam Informer IR, Video w/Sound, 3.2 MP adj
The all-new, informer IR is built on one core principle affordable performance. This sturdy feature packed camera has the same great fieatures as its bigger brother including NEW Dragon IR Technology that reaches out to 50 ft.! Normal Price: $429.99, SALE PRICE: $273.46

Predator Trailcam Evolution XR IR Cam, Infrared

A “true” IR trailcam with all the essential features to make it the most affordable and state-of-the-art camera of its kind, features hypersonic 1/4 second trigger speed, 3.5″ color screen that displays four split images at one time, ability to pan, zoom, lock, and delete highlighted images in the field, can also view video on the touch screen. Normal Price: 399.99 SALE PRICE: $258.77

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