What broadheads and boots do I need to Bow Hunt Elk?

July 21st, 2010 / Posted by David
What broadheads and boots do I need to Bow Hunt Elk?

I’m planning on hunting elk this fall and am beginning to put together my outfit. I would like to shoot two-blade one-piece heads. Are these a good choice? Which ones do you recommend? Also, I realize that boots are important because of all the climbing and sharp rocks, so what is the best boot for elk hunting?

Two-blade heads are an excellent choice. Models such as the Zwickey and Magnus are good choices. If you plan to shoot fast arrows, say, something over about 250 fps, you may find that some two- blade designs (due to difficulty of maintaining straightness during manufacturing) have a tendency to wind-plane. Before heading west, make sure to practice thoroughly with each arrow/broadhead combination in your quiver.

Several good boots will fill the bill. You need three qualities in spades: light weight, excellent foot protection and ankle support. Some of the best elk hunting boots are actually hiking boots because hikers demand the same qualities.

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