What can I do to make my aim steadier?

April 5th, 2010 / Posted by David
What can I do to make my aim steadier?

When I’m aiming I can’t hold the bow steady. What can I do to make my aim steadier?

First of all, you don’t have to hold the bow steady to make great shots. That is one of the greatest misconceptions in archery. By trying to hold the pin steady you develop bad habits like target panic. Instead, let the pin float close to the spot you are trying to hit, but don’t worry about trying to keep it perfectly still. As your pin floats, slowly squeeze the trigger so the shot takes you by surprise. You will be amazed at how close your shots come to the center of the spot you’re trying to hit.

There are ways you can improve your aim to reduce the size of the movements your pin makes and thus reduce your group size. Strength is important so that you can relax completely at full draw. Shoot regularly so you gain important strength and don’t have to fight the draw weight of the bow. You can also turn the poundage down until you feel very comfortable at full draw. Put a very slight bend in your bow arm just enough to unlock the elbow. Many archers find that this also facilitates steady aiming.

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