What can I do to prevent serving from fraying?

March 12th, 2010 / Posted by edersbow.com
What can I do to prevent serving from fraying?

I shoot a 75-pound bow and have a hard time keeping my release aid from fraying my serving. What can I do to prevent this? Is there a bowstring on the market with a serving that doesn’t break?

The best solution we’ve found to date is to remove the string’s monofilament and replace it with Fast Flight serving. Reserve it as tightly as possible. Also, wrap a second layer (Fast Flight strand material from an old string works well) around the part of the string contacted by the release aid. This will help protect the serving from the release. When the serving begins to show wear, replace it. Some release aids cause less wear than others, so you may wish to experiment with a few. To our knowledge, no bowstring is currently on the market that possesses serving which can stand up to years of shooting with a release aid.

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