What is the proper form for shooting a compound bow?

July 21st, 2009 / Posted by edersbow.com
What is the proper form for shooting a compound bow?

I use a wrist sling and understand that you are supposed to allow the bow to fall forward after release using no finger contact to prevent torque. How can you do this and still execute a good follow-through by keeping your pin on the target? Also, is it necessary to roll your bow arm elbow out? I use an arm guard and am much stronger if I don’t roll it out.


You really don’t need to keep your hand open. In fact, forcing your hand to stay open only creates tension. Instead, allow your fingers to hang naturally. When you shoot, your bow will jump forward into your fingers. You may not be able to keep your pin glued right to the target through the entire follow-through, but just the thought of trying to do it will keep your bow arm from dropping – one of archery’s deadly sins.

You will probably achieve better accuracy in the long run by rolling your elbow out and shooting with a fairly straight wrist. This reduces the amount of hand you place on the grip which should reduce the tendency to torque the bow. Eventually, you’ll build up more strength in your wrist and the new position will feel natural. But if you really can’t get the knack of it, continue shooting the way you are. Just be very careful not to change your grip position once you start to draw the bow.

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