What type of release should I buy?

January 14th, 2009 / Posted by edersbow.com
What type of release should I buy?

I’m getting ready to buy a release aid. I have seen two basic types of releases in your catalog, hand held releases and wrist strap releases. Which type do you recommend and why?

Both styles have their strengths. Hand held releases are out of the way in a pocket until you need them. Some can be clipped onto the string of the bow and left there until you draw it. Nice and convenient. Many hand held releases are also thumb triggered. This may or may not be your preferred method. Wrist strap releases are always right in your hand, you will never have to scramble to get it out of a pocket, and you’ll never drop it from your tree stand, but at the same time they are also in the way. Some folding and retracting models do exist, however. Most bowhunters find that they can draw more bow weight with a wrist strap release. These also tend to be index finger triggered styles, if that makes a difference to you. Try a few at the nearest archery shop to see which are most comfortable for you and go from there.

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