What would be an ideal front of center balance point measurement?

July 20th, 2009 / Posted by edersbow.com
What would be an ideal front of center balance point measurement?

What would be an ideal front of center balance point measurement? I am shooting an arrow that is 30 1\8 inches from the tip of the nock to the tip of the broadhead. The true center is, of course, 15 1\16 inches. The balance point is 11 15\16 from the tip of the broadhead. Giving me a difference of 3 3\16 inches. Is this a good set up? What are the guidelines on front of center when building a hunting arrow?

In the first place you are measuring it incorrectly. Arrow length is from the bottom of the nock groove to the end of arrow, not to the tip of the broadhead. This makes it tough to completely evaluate your shaft. Ideally, you want a hunting arrow to have an FOC of 7 to 10 % with 9 % being the standard most experts recommend. Here is the proper procedure for measuring FOC: (this is reprinted from a tip that was online in January)

Install your broadhead. Find the arrow’s balance point by sliding it back and forth along a fairly sharp edge. You’ll find the spot where the arrow just balances. Mark it carefully. Now measure from the bottom of the nock groove to the balance point and write this number down for later.

There are different conventions for measuring overall arrow length depending upon the type of point you are using.

Arrows that include inserts: Measure from the bottom of the nock groove to the end of the arrow not including the insert. This is often referred to as the arrow’s cut length.

Shafts with swaged tips: The overall length is measured from the bottom of the nock groove to the most forward extension of the full diameter of the shaft, just behind the swage.

Shafts that include outserts: Measure from the nock groove to a point ¾ inch forward of the rearward end of the outsert.

Shafts with glue-on heads: Measure from the nock groove to the most rearward portion of the glue-on point.

Determine FOC: To find the FOC (which is always expressed as a percentage) divide the overall length by two. Now subtract this number from the balance point and divide by the overall length. Multiply by 100.

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