What’s The Best Broadhead for Bowhunting Turkey?

February 16th, 2009 / Posted by edersbow.com
What’s The Best Broadhead for Bowhunting Turkey?

I have no idea what kind of arrows and broadheads to use for turkey. Can you help? Is there any special equipment that I should be using?

For sure, you should be using the largest broadhead so that you cause as much tissue damage as possible. Penetration is not an issue with turkeys, but since their kill zones are small (about the size of your fist) you need to place your arrow precisely. A wide cutting diameter will help to improve your recovery rate on marginally hit birds. The biggest heads are mechanical models with cutting diameters of 2 ¾ inches. Some of the largest are made by Vortex, and others are made by Rocket. Mechanical heads are not legal in all states so check your regulations before using them.

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Any arrow that works on deer will work on turkeys, but the addition of a string tracker is definitely a good idea. String trackers effect your arrow flight past about 25 to 30 yards, but since you won’t be taking long shots at turkeys anyway (because the kill zone is so small) the drag of the string through the air won’t effect your accuracy at normal hunting distances.

One of the coolest turkey broadheads available is the: Arrowdynamic Solutions Gobbler Guillotine it is available at eders.com Check out the video below.

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