Will increased draw weight hurt my bow?

August 12th, 2009 / Posted by edersbow.com
Will increased draw weight hurt my bow?

I have been shooting a 50-pound compound since Christmas but I got 60 pounds out of it at a 27.5 or 28-inch draw length. I was wondering if that might hurt my bow.

It is very common for most bows on the market to produce more than their specified draw weight. Typically the difference is about five pounds over, 10 pounds over would be on the upper end. This won’t hurt your bow at all. In fact, your bow will perform better with the limbs bottomed or nearly so because it will put the proper amount of pre-stress in the limbs and reduce the brace height. A bow’s draw weight will also increase if the string stretches. This will result in a longer draw length, as well.

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